Property taxes are EXTORTION! Amirite?

If you refuse to pay, they threaten to seize your property , that belongs to YOU, and sell it at auction. If you resist, they will send a SWAT team to kill you. Why is this not extortion?

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Stop paying your taxes, I'm fine with that, but then don't use the public roads paid for with tax dollars. Never call the police or fire department, also paid for with tax dollars.

@Flrdsgns Stop paying your taxes, I'm fine with that, but then don't use the public roads paid for with tax dollars. Never...

I gave extra to the fire co when we had a small fire. There should be extra fees related to some of their services. You do know that we all pay approximately $2.00 a month, among other fees, for 911 services on our phone bills. We also pay extra fees so "rural" people can have phones. Look up all the fees that are tacked on to the phone and that is in addition to property taxes.

I have no problem with you not paying property taxes so long as you aren't using govt. services.

Don't come crying when the fire dept watches your house to burn down while putting out your neighbor's though.

In some states / jurisdictions property taxes are ridiculously high. I don't live there as a result.

I live in a jurisdiction in which property taxes are reasonable to cover expenses of local government.

Live in conservative community!

I just paid mine. now I can live in my shack another year.

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Property taxes here are causing people to leave PA and move to FL, NC and even MD. They had an article about raising taxes in the local rag and about a week later the county employees got a "much needed" raise. Connect the dots.
What is really interesting is that they run articles all the time about the rents being too high or the paychecks aren't enough but I have never found anyone who investigates the cause - high taxes. I have a rental property (that was trashed and is still off the market) and it would take 5 to 6 months just to pay the property taxes on the place.

I gladly pay my property taxes. That's one way of keeping public services intact.

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