What brings out your competitive streak?

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Academics. I was the only freshman in an upper-div Latin class this spring. I was very aware of it and I figured I better get good grades to show for it. And (with effort) I did. I was often the first one to finish an exam and I'd get 100% on it. There was this one guy in my class who I think was subtly competing with me, but I could not let him win!

A good tough opponent when online gaming! I like to prove my strategy is best! Not always but most of the time!

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JD you are training dogs? I wish you were near me, I would hire you to work with my dog - she is a sweetie, but a typical terrier who won't stop being crazy for one moment.

Video gaming, :p

I don't compete. I a happy enough in my own life.

competition mostly

When i was younger, i could take softball pretty seriously.
Nowadays, if im playing eight ball, and there is money involved....well, there is money involved.
That's about it.

Sport, work, exposing cheaters, etc.

The last croissant in the pan..

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