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Academics. I was the only freshman in an upper-div Latin class this spring. I was very aware of it and I figured I better get good grades to show for it. And (with effort) I did. I was often the first one to finish an exam and I'd get 100% on it. There was this one guy in my class who I think was subtly competing with me, but I could not let him win!

@LorraineTwevlehundredRaineTwelvehundred tho How can you compete in school? I have been pleased to be best in class, but I was pushing myself only.

Class ranking was my motivation as well. Like you, I'm pushing myself only. This competition exists only in my head, as far as I know.

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JD you are training dogs? I wish you were near me, I would hire you to work with my dog - she is a sweetie, but a typical terrier who won't stop being crazy for one moment.

Video gaming, :p

I don't compete. I a happy enough in my own life.

competition mostly

The last croissant in the pan..

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When i was younger, i could take softball pretty seriously.
Nowadays, if im playing eight ball, and there is money involved....well, there is money involved.
That's about it.

Sport, work, exposing cheaters, etc.