Which song/songs makes you smile?

Being because of the lyrics, or because of how the singer sings it, or just the sound...... //// Paulo, where are you? I'm waiting for at least one song from you :D

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It's not the lyrics, I just can hear her smile through it...
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When i hear an old favorite....

Wish you were here

Pink Floyd
For instance

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Thank you, rev. There is just something about when it goes from mono to stereo...or whatever the technical words are, at the beginning...

In the Summertime by Mungo Jerry

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I like this question. :D

I kept trying to think of an example while I was busy doing other stuff, and I eventually remembered this song:

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It does have an upbeat lyrics which I like, but what I also really like is the rhythm and the way it's sung. I hope you like it too.

Oh, and my Biology teacher in high-school actually made a song (using the melody of this song plus new lyrics) as a mnemonic to help the class remember the concepts and terms of a part of the topic (it was related to reproduction). :P

There's lots of them heh. Well I guess I can base it on the chills at least!
Here's one hehe
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Well, I guess it's hard not to smile to this:

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OH, and this.

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Okay, just this one more. I'm already procrastinating too much. :P

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