Democrats' Hypocrisy is why I'm a Black Closet Trump supporter #walkaway

[Black Closet Trump supporter] I'm walking away from the Democrat party, and one of the biggest reasons I'm walking away is hypocrisy, yes I said it, hypocrisy. And I didn't really see it when I was younger, but as of recent, when I began looking at things more logically, once I actually looked at both sides of situations instead of just how I see things, yeah, I noticed hypocrisy.

Hypocrisy is why im a Black Closet Trump supporter #walkaway.........please like and subcribe#walkaway #blm #trump #democrate #republican #2018 #MAGA #buildthewallhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LnjsJEkl01A
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Hypocrisy is an accurate description.
People aren’t allowed to say what they believe anymore without “fear” of repercussions. How many people who have Trump hats, or shirts, are afraid to wear them in public for fear of being assaulted? (Do you really want me to post links to all the stories?) Even some schools have banned kids from wearing Trump clothing. (https://www.gq.com/story/trump-gear-in-schools) Can you give me a link to a story about someone being assaulted for wearing any other presidents hat or shirt? (It's a, "Believe as we do or you should be killed", mentality.) How many people recently have made comments like, "All old white men should just die." Today, many on the left want to ban the American flag at schools and other venues because it is "offensive" to people who come to this country illegally for what they can take from us, but who hate this country and what it stands for.
Politics have sunk to a level where a person who is a progressive MUST support ALL progressive/liberal agendas. Look at the women who were not allowed to be part of some of the women’s marches because they didn’t support ALL of the left’s agendas. A person who supports some of the gay issues, but not all, is demonized. A person who is a strong supporter of legal immigration but is against illegals breaking our laws is all of a sudden, a racist xenophobe, no matter what color the illegals might be. These days, if you don’t support socialism in the democrat party, you are about as popular as a bastard at a family reunion.
And some wonder why some people are afraid to speak up....or cover their face when they talk.

@JustJimColo Hypocrisy is an accurate description. People aren’t allowed to say what they believe anymore without “fear”...

Yep...I don't care to discuss or argue, (what it always leads to) politics..

I'll wait until its time to vote again, that's the only thing that even matters.

Everything in between is drama..

Somehow every time I think I've seen the worst post... something tops it. Where does someone even find a video like this?

Ha! Yeah...i believe that flag covered face.

Treason is why I am an out-of-the-closet Trump detractor.

What's a "black closet"?

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