What Does "Private Meeting" Mean To You?

I'm wondering about this because the presidents private meetings really seem to upset certain politicians that have an interest in destroying the president. So much so that they toss reason to the wind and waste time trying to pry information out of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo - giving the media an opportunity to write meaningless stories about how defiant Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is in refusing to share private information. So, what do you think private meetings are for?

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8% Regarding the use of one particular person or group of people only. 0% One that has no official or public role or position 15% A soldier of the lowest rank, in particular an enlisted person in the US Army or Marine Corps 8% Short for private parts. 23% An invitation to snowflake politicians to browbeat Trump officials that demand to know stuff the President doesn't think they should know. 46% Other
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private means usually 2 people talking to each other without reporters or cameras. .

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Makes sense to me!

A confidential meeting .... attendance by invitation only. backoff smilie a smilie

Saving Private Ryan?

@ZonkeyBalls Saving Private Ryan?

Come here Zonk - I want to pinch your cheek the way my Grandmother did to me. [It didn't hurt but was annoying as all get out!]

@Carla ?

Saving Private Ryan is a comedy.

Not too many people get it that way, since it's about the World War II. Nevertheless, it's even funnier than the war itself. Which was a comedy, as such. A German leader, who wasn't German to begin with, but Austrian. A failed painter. What kind of a war would that kind of a character wage? Not a very successfull one, as had to be proven.

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That matches what I think too!

Democrat show boating!
They are still stomping their feet, demanding stuff they are not entitled to.
Starting rumors of Trump, Putin and Kim creating a new world order to take out enemies. And of course our left leaning pals here at Amirite believe that they are at the top of the hit list list.

A meeting that is "By invitation only". I have them all the time. If you aren't invited, you can't get in. Just because inquiring mind want to know, it doesn't mean they are entitled to know.

TRUMP: What I want is I want total transparency. You have to have transparency.

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Trump insists that it is all about “transparency.” And at first blush, some might find the “transparency” pitch persuasive. After all, isn’t sharing pertinent information with multiple parties an inherently good thing? If discussions are being conducted in an above-board fashion, there’s no reason to hide key details, right?

The president touts the virtues of transparency when it suits his purposes, but he hides his tax returns and the White House visitor logs, among other things.

Trump said, “You have to have transparency,” but it’s apparently a principle he refuses to apply to himself.

I get it that when it comes to federal law enforcement’s handling of confidential human sources, secrecy is often a vital necessity. If GOP officials, through their partisan antics, signal to the world that the United States is careless when protecting the identities of assets and informants, the consequences may be severe.

On the other hand, we know that Trump’s “transparency” pitch is a sham. So let’s not play games. Trump doesn’t give a darn about transparency; he cares about making secret deals and closed door agreements that benefit his own private interests.

@VicZinc TRUMP: What I want is I want total transparency. You have to have...

If this administration were anymore transparent, there would be republican gonads swinging around everywhere!

An extramarital affair.


Lol...I wonder what Mrs. Budwick would think of your reply. : )

@Azlotto Lol...I wonder what Mrs. Budwick would think of your reply. : )

I think she would have assumed (like I did) that you were talking about YOUR affair!

It's all I can do to keep up with Mrs. Budwick! I couldn't even imagine something on the side.

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