Battle of the Breakfast Pastries: Pop Tarts vs. Toaster Strudels!

My expectations are a little burnt because my toaster setting is on as high as possible. :p

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70% Pop Tarts 30% Toaster Strudels
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Pop Tarts-especially strawberry ones

Toaster Strudels may be tastier and better in health, the fact I can never draw anything good with the frosting, and that it always comes out half frozen and half hot~.

Pop Tarts always meets my expectations, it's good when cold, hot or as solid as a brick because you left it in the fridge for too long, which means you can probably hurt something with them!

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I prefer blueberry pop tarts, unfrosted. Hot or cold.

Honestly? I can't stand either. I'd rather pop a couple of slices of zucchini bread into the toaster and slather some butter on it.

I like oat bran for breakfast. I'm not a fan of either, but I would pick Toaster Strudel if I had to choose between the two. Pop Tarts feel like cardboard to me. (Something scary about frosting that doesn't even get soft in the toaster!)

I've tried poptarts a few times and they are good, but I've never tried a toaster stroodle. So I can't say which is better.

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