Are Trump Haters Allowed To Be Happy About The U.S. economy growing by 4.1 percent in the second quarter of 2018?

The GDP report shows booming 4.1 percent growth - it's an amazing number. Maybe the best ever. The gross domestic product (GDP) numbers, considered an official economic scorecard, as a strong indication that its tax cuts, commitment to deregulation and tough trade policies have paid off. The GDP broadly reflects the goods and services produced in the country. The super numbers numbers were driven in part by increased consumer spending, which makes up more than two-thirds of GDP, fueled by tax cuts and low unemployment -- as well as boosted exports and government spending.

But - I know that Trump haters are supposed to be refusing us service, harassing us in public places, be a nuisance outside our homes, deleting our posts on various social media sites, generally make life miserable for those of us that support the president in Making America Great Again. So, I am wondering if they are allowed to be happy for America with good news like this. Or, will they be ostracized for behavior unbecoming of a socialist?