Does punctuation in text messages matter?

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Most of the time, not really. But then you have this classic example:

"Let's eat, grandma!" vs. "Let's eat grandma!"

Sometimes punctuation makes a big difference in meaning.

I don't text, but a comma here and there would probably help. Just my opinion, of course.

I email with a person who never breaks for a paragraph. Drives me crazy.

I never hardly ever text and don't know a lot of the text "slang" so punctuation means a lot if I'm going to understand it.

Not really. I see some posters trying to act educated but failing miserably. I mess up sometimes and hope that people will be forgiving of my mistakes.

Yes it does. Though i'll get what someone meant, it might look better if punctuated, especially in long messages. I usually punctuate in my messages, just becasue I'm on Facebook, doesn't mean I'll lower myself to 1st grade grammar.

I'm a freak, when it comes to language. I make very certain, that I try to use the proper punctuation, as well as possible. There are differences in Finnish and English, even English itself has certain local differences, which makes it a bit difficult for a non-native speaker to figure out the proper use from time to time. In my opinion, English is probably the easiest language in the world to learn properly, but to master it completely, one of the hardest. It all comes down to using stuff like ";" and ":". But yes, to answer the question itself, it doesn't matter what kind of a message you're sending. Proper use of language, even if it's not your own, matters. To a point (.) - made a tit, ha.

not always. depends on the message and I suppose who you are texting.

Never seems to bother me much but thats just me I can usually guess what people are trying to say at that specific time texting or otherwise.

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