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The cheese sticks would be my preference.

I really do like both, but would probably choose the poppers. Either one is great, when I'm out with a friend and stopping for a snack and a beer in a frosty mug.

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Love those Mozzarella sticks! Yum!
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really I don't pick either peppers too hot mozz sticks too fattening. vegetable sticks to dip in low fat sosur cream is better for me.

Jalapeno poppers! Of course, I wouldn't turn away from the mozzarella sticks!

I just told my sister, few hours back, that I cooked something, which probably "French, Spanish and Italians would look weirdly, thinking... What on Earth did this dude cook this time?" I used pretty much everything that could be put together on a frying pan, including toast.

@JanHaskell Ah ... sounds like the ever-popular "skillet breakfast"!

I don't know, if it's "allowed" to cook my next meal either... I'm thinking strawberries and sausages plus a bag of mixed veggies... This would give a heart attack to most so-called professional cooks.

Like Piper, I like both, but prefer the poppers. I'll take mine with a glass of red wine. a smilie

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