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Locally, talking and playing cards. Going to the beach with relatives and friends is a great way to spend some time.

No one thing. Most things I do with a friend are more enjoyable, somehow.

A variety of things. Dining out, playing cards, just visiting and yesterday I went to the casino with friends.

Been so long since I had people to hang out with or a place. We always had a couple of good dance clubs in town, they went out of business so there is no-place to go to meet people.

Lots of things .... see a movie, make dinner together at home or go out to eat, play board games, take a drive up to the mountains, go fishing. I enjoy most anything with good friends and loved ones.

I had a drink with a friend a few hours ago.

She's going through a rather nasty divorce and her mom is quite sick and in the hospital, so she needed a supporting hand, so to speak.

All of the above, as long as the trust is there. Trust is so rare, that when it's found, and maintained, anything and everything is satisfying, both good and bad.

Anything that involves food is a great activity.

All of it? If I consider you my friend, I want to be around you, doing whatever.

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