What's the biggest mistake you have made when cooking?

Image for post What's the biggest mistake you have made when cooking?
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Deciding im good enough to bake on my own

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Put a ham in the oven on Christmas Eve and set the delayed timer to turn on at a certain time. Then went to church, came home, guests were arriving, I checked on the ham, and I hadn't set the timer correctly, so there was no ham to be eaten that night. lol

I don't make mistakes.

I do make very exotic food, though, pretty much every time. Some of it is best served completely burned.

Too much garlic in my home made Thanksgiving 1996 stuffing. Ruined the whole meal, IMO.
I have recently discovered StoveTop.

I was grilling some beef ribs one time and went over to my neighbors garage to visit. We got to talking and drinking beer and the next thing you know the ribs were cremated down to pure white bones. I called my wife since she was out shopping and told her to pick up some Jimmy John's subs for dinner cause the beef ribs disappeared. Ha!

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