Don't make your own opinions. Don't talk about yourself. Don't use your brain. Don't you even dare share any part of you and your lovely brain. Keep your mouth shut and your head down. That's how you should act in an opinion site. Have you ever got second-hand-brain-fart?

You know, when someone says something so out of touch, your brain actually takes some time to process it.

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This happened a while ago. Then I'm left trying to figure out why anyone would say that.

Why? What's the worst that could happen? People disagreeing with me? Boo hoo. If someone disagrees with me yet does not provide a good reason why they're not even worth acknowledging.


Great sarcasm! I just don't see anyone that even knows you a little bit biting on those whoppers. Ha!

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This is about when someone says something so stupid, your brain takes a moment to process it - also called "brain-fart".

The first sentences is an example that happened to me. They were part of an argument I saw from someone trying to shame someone else into silence. I found the argument extremely stupid, to the point that at first I thought I read it wrong. I'm giving the example, and asking if something similar happened to you.

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I guess.

At first...I thought you were describing a jellyfish..

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