I find many people on the internet that reject any Pop Songs just because it's Pop, and it's mainstream, so automatically, it's crap. I disagree with that notion. In the last decade is there any Pop/Mainstream song that you've enjoyed?

I also mean songs of others genres that will be labelled as Mainstream because of their popularity.

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I consider myself easy and an optimistic when it comes to music. So I like way too many songs xD
I love most of the songs in these mash-ups.
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Sofias avatar Sofia I like Pop +1Reply

There is surely a lot of Pop that I like, from US pop, J pop, K pop, etc.

I guess I like way too many songs too. :D

Here is one from this decade...

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primeiros avatar primeiro I like Pop +1Reply

with a few exceptions pop is generally CRAP! heavy metal, hard rock and country (old, otherwise its in the same boat as pop) is where its at for me, but its a subjective matter

deusvults avatar deusvult I tend to not like Pop, but... +1Reply
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