BREAKING NEWS: I was PC before PC was a thing.

I consider myself polite. I find no issue adjusting my speech if it bothers someone. It won't kill me to do it, and I appreciate when people take into consideration my own feelings. It's not a big deal to me, never was: my mother simply taught me to be nice to other people, and I never enjoyed making people uncomfortable when I could avoid it. For some reason, though, I will be accused of being brainwashed, a libtard, a snowflake, someone who can't deal with the truth, weak, someone who supports censorship and so on... just because I'm aware there's a place and time for everything. No, not every PC person is a lunatic that wishes to shut up everyone that doesn't agree with them. There's plenty of people who are just okay with respecting each other and that's why they support PC culture. (and no, I'm not saying anti-PC people don't respect others - many don't, and that's why they're so against it, no doubt about that, but much like PC people, not everyone fits on the same bag).