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These sounds remind me of Enya's music. It always calms me. a smilie
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@JanHaskell These sounds remind me of Enya's music. It always calms me.

how? Enya is awesome. it is very calming, but, the video linked is not calming or even music, lol

This is my calming song.
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I heard of these, these are binaural, and frequency-type of tones. You have to kind of relax to them and not expect much right away. I've done binaural beats for headaches, and to my surprise it works, but it takes 20 minutes for it to work, about the same as taking two aleves.

I'd probably go to Nature's and pick up herbal teas, but some tones work for some, and work for others. That's the magic of "woo".

It's like picking the right cannabis strain for the particular effect you want. But you realise it's the wrong strain, cause you're not feeling what you thought it'd do based on word of mouth that you heard it from (or memes~).

That makes me want to take a nap..

Well, maybe so.

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well it don't lol
this is the kind of music that energizes me
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