Butterfingers!What would be a terrible occupation for a 'butterfingers?'

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A surgeon! ono smilie

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I've worked on my laptops over the years and a few times on my iPhone.

The last time I worked on my iPhone, a couple of weeks ago, to change the display..

There are screws in it that are so small, you almost need a microscope to see them.

That's a job by itself, to get those tiny screws to stay sitting right on the tip of the magnetic screwdriver, when you're reinstalling the parts.

Not only should you not have butter fingers, you better have some good patience too.

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Yep...reading glasses won't cut it.

I have glasses I use for doing that...they have magnifying lens that are adjustable. Lol

The most annoying job with butterfingers would be a locksmith. Need steady hands? Delicate control of finger motions? nah, won't even keep those keys in your hands heh.

Or how about someone working in the bomb squad. got to stop a complex nuke-level case, and you drop your clippers in the bomb and by George it doesn't cut the wrong wire.

While not an occupation persay, more of a hobby that encompasses other jobs that makes it a handy skill to have, but Parkour/Freeclimbing/Freerunning, you really need good strength and dexterity for it, definitely not want to slip from the roof of a building...

Surgeon, transporting explosives and jewel cutter were my first thoughts. Two of which were already taken.

Disarming explosives...

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