Do you like writing? What do you like to write about?

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I like writing shortstories, based on animesque and video game universes. My goal is to work a multiverse using my own characters' universe to interact with the universes of the other stories my characters travel or interact around in.

The series is called Oltanis and I've been working on it since 2009 (with little progress due to my own habits and demons). It stars Tanor and 12 others in a group of fighters, heroes, and villains. Due to working with both sides to explore and fix the imbalances in universes. Different beginnings, different methods.

It also plays with the laws of fictional physics, because each universe has its own set of physics of how magic works, how physics work. The challenge is that when fighting in another universe, their powers are changed to fit the universe, because powers from one universe, won't work in another the same way.

This is why versus matchups I always see on Comicvine or such, have such room for speculation, because the two universes people are trying to plot against, have different laws for powers. They don't always see the problem begins with the way both worlds work in the first place. So I aim to take a chunk at that and merge universes so that they could work, for my characters.

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Kudos to you, you have many talents.

If I could chalk up what I write about in percentages

60% Poetry
10% Fiction Stories
30% Nonfiction Articles

But of course, 75.31% of statistics are made up

No, not really.

Yup. Normally I continue a story that I finished reading. Or make a different ending.

@Sofia Yup. Normally I continue a story that I finished reading. Or make a different ending.

That sounds nice. :)

Sometimes I wishfully make up a different ending in my mind when I don't quite like the actual ending. :P (but I guess I never tried to write it in these cases.)

@Sofia Try it. It works your imagination :D

Yeah, it does sound fun. :D

I've written things for leisure in the past, but I've lost the habit. :/

When the muse visits, I write about science fiction, horror, and satire or parody. The muse can be a fickle mistress, however...

I've been building up experiences to drop on the world. you should recognize me by my spirit.

I like writing limericks (often inspired by comments or people on Amirite), and occasionally more serious verse. biggrin smilie

@primeiro Ah yes, the limericks that we all know and enjoy. :D

Here is a macaronic limerick. biggrin smilie

There is a young lad named Primeiro,
Whose life will be filled, eu espero,
With MUCH satisfaction,
Of which a large fraction
É muito amor e dinheiro.

@Thinkerbell Here is a macaronic limerick. There is a young lad named Primeiro, //Whose life will be filled, eu...

Ahh, how cool - I got a limerick for myself. Love it! And thank you for the kind wishes. :D

I'm impressed with the portions in Portuguese. The rhyme primeiro / dinheiro is spot on. :D

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