Ever find that age often doesn't necessarily correlate with maturity?

It's supposed to, of course, but sometimes certain people seem to have missed the bus. Every now and then I meet an adult who seems like they're mentally a lot younger...(and not in a good way!)

Image for post Ever find that age often doesn't necessarily correlate with maturity?
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So I have noticed.

All the time.

I don't think age correlates with maturity though.

I've definitely noticed, and even way before I joined an internet opinion site.

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I guess. That's not what I asked, though.

The most immature people I know are old enough to be my parents/grandparents.
On the internet... yeah, it's no better. For some reason, when given the choice to be anything you want, way too many people go as far from maturity as possible. If that's their real selves... well, they should have had a better education. It's too late to teach them now though. They already think they know everything.

Age doesn't seem to matter much when it comes to immaturity. Some middle aged people on the internet act like bullies on the playground, targeting others, making snide comments about certain people and the older ones on this site show much more wisdom and integrity than others.

Ever see "Bad Grandpa"?

@VicZinc Ever see "Bad Grandpa"?

I haven’t, but I’ve heard of it lol

I agree 100%, and it was proven today. lol

Every single day of my life

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