What do you do,on average,once a week?

Image for post What do you do,on average,once a week?
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Grocery shop

Launder my work shirts

Mow the lawn

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Go out to dinner every Friday; shop for groceries every Saturday.

Wake up on a Monday morning. :p

wash my hair - I have no oil in my body so once a week is all I need unless I have been to a mex restaurant then I need to wash out that smell.

Stay in bed for an entire day :D

Mow my lawn.
Bathe my dogs.
Cook my dog food.

Eat pizza for dinner. :P

Buy gas for the vehicle...

Trying not to shit my pants every time I have a fart. Also, laundry.

Laundry, grocery shop, clean my house, visit with my kids, eat out.

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that makes no sense

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Put the garbage out.

Wipe the crust off of the squeeze bottle of mustard..

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