This is insane. How can someone even do this? Don't you have any civility? How have we, as a society, came to a point where this happens?! I mean, who the fuck thought that mint and chocolate go along?! What did my taste buds ever done to you?!! Seriously. smh

Now seriously, it tastes disgusting xD I don't know how anyone likes it.... Feel free to post anything chocolate that you like. Even recipes :D

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I like chocolate-with-mint. xD

Here's a recipe for "brigadeiro": :D


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Truth, justice and chocolate mint cookies, with focus on the cookies. :P

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I hate mint. It's like eating tooth paste.

As for a chocolate recipe, make a milkshake with chocolate milk, chocolate ice cream, and chocolate sauce. It's a choco-gasm!

Mint chocolate chip icecream is delicious

Blame Canada.

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Good chocolate, good mint, mmmm.
You can keep your peppermint patties.

Something easy.....
Butter crackers, with peanut butter dipped in chocolate.

From what I read, personal taste and civility are like mint-chip ice cream. They either go together or they don’t.

I don't care for mint ice cream either. Just give me plain vanilla with some strawberries on top. Yummy.

I don't care for chocolate chip mint ice cream, but thin mint cookies are pretty good.😊

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