WARNING: explicit words from me, and disgusting human being in the video. Do you know about Registered Sex Offender Brock Turner? You should. His picture appears next to the word Cunt in the dictionary :D The post with the video shows what he did. I'm posting more recent news in the comments.

It appears he and his dad are not happy with him being correlated to his crime, so now his name is Convicted Sex Offender Brock Turner, or Registered, whatever works better for you.

DISGUSTING! I Can't Believe We Have To Talk About Brock Turner Again and More...Who’s ready to go out there and kick this week in the teeth?! Need to build a website? Get 10% Off Squarespace: http://www.squarespace.com/phil Things Got A ...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8wN8n9Qtfqg
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And the more recent news, right at the beginning of the video.
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Go to 8:23.

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Ah, the infamous Stanford rapist that got away with almost a slap to the wrist, while those who were falsely accused of rape served a lot more than those measly 3 months.

I remember the line from his dad being something like " you're going to put him in jail because of 5 minutes of action " This guy is done, everyone who recognizes his face will spit on him for the next few years. The only good thing here is that the girl was unconscious (I think) so she doesn't really remember any of the ordeal, but the 2 guys who saw and intervened sure do.

I don't really now this case, But i hope his life is destroyed jal or not. karma come on get him..

well in jail for his whole life or not his life is ruined (as it should be),

what is sad is as Sunny said, many who where falsely accused have spent more time in jail and their whole lives ruined as well.

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