Have you got any plans for the future?

"Future" potentially meaning short, mid or long-term - whatever one you've got plans for. :P

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Congrats and good luck Rooster.


Congrats! That's certainly a fun way to spend the time. :D

Yes, but we'll see what happens.

Not really, I wanted to buy a huse, I look and look but nothing is cheap enough, or if it is I don't bid soon enough.

Of course. For example, it's been my plan since the mid-80's to keep up with the rapid pace of technological change in order to be a successful software developer. So far so good, though it does get tougher with age.

I do, but I tend to keep them rather short term these days ... like a concert next month, a trip in October, etc. I have a lot more time behind me than ahead of me, so I pretty much enjoy it as it comes. a smilie

I'm 53, Just took "Visiting the Lincoln Memorial" off of my bucket list. Skydiving and snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef are left. Other than that I'll just keep plugging along; I'd like to cut a few more music cds , get back into the gym, and get my rental properties ready to sell off by the time I retire.

Later today I'm either going to cut the back lawn or,
develop a plan to take over the World.

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