Thank you Mr. President. I agree 100%. I'll leave it at that.

Except it was not a "riot" it was a right wing domestic terrorist.

Image for post Thank you Mr. President. I agree 100%. I'll leave it at that.
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Well good for him.
A year later though. For most (including me) too little, too late.
And oh yes...he was the cause of most of the division.

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I'm glad that he said it now. I'm hoping that tomorrow will be underwhelming.

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He said that right after he got his "text massage" and was feeling relaxed

You said: "I'll leave it at that." I click on the post and the first word I see is "Except." You didn't leave it at that. Sometimes, leaving it at that is best.

I think both sides have their extremes. The only people who don't condemn racist groups such as the Nazis are Nazis themselves. I'd like to point out ANTIFA, who has been far more active when it comes to domestic terror. There should be Zero tolerance and swift action when a group of thugs starts hurting people and breaking shit. People covering their faces at protests should be arrested. Violent groups acting out should be treated in just the same way as those in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

I agree with most of the tweet, but have no inclination to thank him for it.

Vic is a straight up and honest guy.

Except he is not.

Yesterday was a total bust. Good.

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