Finish the phrase: Hell has no fury like. . .

. . .a mother whose child you mentally or physically harm, accidentally or on purpose.

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"Hell hath no fury like a jackrabbit on mushrooms reciting the Russian alphabet in morse code backwards while hopping to the market for some beefaroni, only to find out they were sold out years ago when the carrot farm was taken over by the fishhead cult, except they wore neither fish nor had heads to begin with."

Oh you're serious, true though. It's like lighting a match after it rained oil. It could be done by accident or on purpose, but the damage is done.

@primeiro lol. I had to look up this word "beefaroni" to check whether it was made up on-the-fly. :P

primo where did you grow up? beffaroni is aneveryday thingb for american kids. My mom cooked every dinner but we had beffaroni in the pantry for anytime brat kids wouldn't eat a real meal.

@LorraineTwevlehundredRaineTwelvehundred primo where did you grow up? beffaroni is aneveryday thingb for american kids. My mom cooked every dinner but...

He's from Brazil, so i don't think they'd have CHef Boyardee down there heh. Though Beefaroni is a good pasta dish to make yourself, just add real macaroni and ground beef, tomato sauce, basil for seasoning, diced tomatos, and sliced onions. There ya go.

@LorraineTwevlehundredRaineTwelvehundred I've never seen that it must be horrifing

"The fishhead cult was met with the Claustians, and ran them out. Though to this day I haven't seen many jackrabbits or panthers dressed as Santa today. We have no idea if the rabbit even knew Russian or morse code. Whatever it was, it told the Russian spy gophers to tell the Prime Minister Groundhog to invade the Prarie Dogs of War. Never recite Rasputin's message in an oil field while lighting a match."

" ..... a woman scorned!" d smilie

@JanHaskell " ..... a woman scorned!"

A find the saying rather cringeyd smilie, since more scorned males than females created chaos throughout history. Then again its raison d’être is pretty much the same as that of its cousin “the female of the species is deadlier than the male” and the diagnosis of “hysteria:” motherhood. And (obviously) society keeping us down.

An amiriter upset because of some perceived insult to his/her deeply held personal beliefs.

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Yeah, that's pretty bad too! hehe smilie a bully getting what he/she deserves.