Football teams are like Maroon 5. The Quarterback is Adam Levine and the rest of the team is the other 5 band members

So what i'm basically saying is that the quarterback Usually gets the most fame & attention

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I would extend the fame to wide receivers and rushing backs, but by and large true.

It's not much different than the Strikers & Goalkeepers in football getting the most fame than the actual people that help them get there.

In basketball, it's the Point Guard that's most important? I'm not very familiar with basketball positions, and such, but there's probably someone.

Then in baseball you have either the Pitcher or the Ringer that gets the most fame. Or the coach who often argues with the umpire in each other's faces looking like they're about to punch each other.

As for hockey, well, no one cares about the players, except the occasional fights and body checks.

OK guys I don't follow fottbal or music so well I don't know - I saw a concert on TV with meatloaf yesterday, he looks so bad like he will be dead soon.

I feel like that goes for a lot of bands, though.

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