Do you ever giggle at the warnings found on most items ?

I was reading some instructions on line it said Standard McClown warning microwave 15 seconds remove all tinfoil first. What is the most silly warning you have seen lately?? .

Image for post Do you ever giggle at the warnings found on most items ?
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OK looks like another thing for some to protest the machine doing what it does falls atop someone trying to steal from it. biggrin smilie

I bought a new heat gun years ago to remove paint from some porch columns. The warning label, in spanish, said not to be used as a hair dryer, because it reaches 1200 degrees.


OMG there is no civilzation when that needs to be posted.

The lawn mower has a sticker on it warning me to not put my hands or feet under the mower when it's running. [I wonder why.]

Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Brush reminds us that the product is NOT for personal hygiene.

I do, then I imagine the idiots doing whatever it is that caused them to put the warnings on the product.

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