Which would you rather have: A landlord that is always late, usually never shows up, or flaky, but when he does show up, anything you need fixing or doing is done perfectly all the time and he's always pleasant to be around! Whether it's an object, a person, or a pet that needs fixing. OR: A landlord that usually shows up, but always leaves everything half-done so you have to call him more than once or worse than before? That usually berates you or antagonises because it's always "inconvenient" and you dared to ask him a favour.

This is actually a summary of my last two landlords that I always joke around about. The former is my current, the latter was my last one before him. I like my current landlord, I really do, but I just had to come up with a good WYR question. ------ I mean, I understand that landlords have lives of their own, has their goods and faults... and it's like having to choose between two hot girls because everyone has baggage in their lives, we just have to choose the lesser damaged goods than the other. ------ On a side note, my first landlord owned a strip club here called Sandy's Showbar in Tamaqua PA. He owns most of the properties on this street, even has his face plastered in the House columns. Also he's a very jackassy person and his wife is not at all nicer, if not worse. ------ The other one is a 1st time landlord, but also works as a Veterinarian that travels a lot, and is popular as he's a really good vet. Helped my cat once as a favour!

64% Veterinarian Release Services (First one) 18% Sandy's Showbar (Second one) 18% Other
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I've only had two landlords in my life, and never had any dealings with either one of them, except to send them a check.

In that case his flaws are we ll excusable

Neither. Part of what I'm paying as rent, is to ensure the landlord takes care of problems in a timely manner. That is their JOB! If they don't do their JOB, I will take care of it - and deduct it from the rent. That is allowed under Oregon and Washington law.

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