Hamburgers are better than hotdogs.

Which is better in your opinion?

Image for post Hamburgers are better than hotdogs.
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I love both, although I do eat more hamburgers than hotdogs. But both are yummy.

Depends on my mood. I probably eat more burgers overall .... but when I'm craving a kraut dog, nothing else will do! yum smilie

I sure like koegal viennas.

Hamburgers tend to be more substantial, but so much depends on how they are cooked and presented. I'd rather have a well-prepared hotdog than a badly-prepared hamburger...

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Hamburgers...because I try to limit my intake of nitrites...but both are good eats.

stack a 'dog on the 'burger ... problem solved

Statistically speaking hamburgers sell more and this poll reflects that. According to the market, hamburgers are more popular. Luckily neither side tries to put the other one out of business.

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