Are you a scheduled person? If so, how is that working for you?

My mother was a very scheduled person.....Laundry on Monday, Iron on Tuesday, Wednesday shop for groceries, Thursday house clean, Friday free day... Saturday did the baking, Sunday Church, cooked big meal....and rested.

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That's very true. Thanks for sharing!

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Nope I rarely schedule anything.

@Flrdsgns Nope I rarely schedule anything.

That's great if you can remember everything....

@Flrdsgns I remember you love kale

lol I know, you need to wipe that out of your memory bank. lol biggrin smiliebiggrin smiliehehe smiliehehe smilie

I am these days. I flew by the seat of my pants when I was younger, but now I miss too many appointments and "overbook" social events if I don't write them on a calendar.

I'm somewhat scheduled. A lot of my work/jobs depends on the weather.

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It's easy to get the days mixed, hope you know when it's time to eat. lol

Mine is erratic. I pick up coworkers’ shifts every now and then.

I do task lists, but usually not schedules. My activities are chaotic enough that it's basically impossible for me to predict how long each one will take.
I note down what I need to do, then stare at the list's sheer immensity. Then try to do some of them, then add some more incoming ones to it, then eventually scratch a bunch of them from the list after finding out they were not really what I needed, then eventually the initial list is now completely different. :P

Yeah, I'm kind of a schedule person,
maybe more of a list person.
You know, make a list of stuff I want to do.
Then prioritize from the list.

It works pretty good.
It also reveals that I need more practice in figuring out how long things will take to complete.

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