Alex Jones Banned Sucks (I didn't know he had a band, are they that bad?)

This is totally fucked up and if you use twitter or facebook I urge you to block their advertisers or whatever else you can to mess with them. I'm not sure but I think Google is in on it too. I disagree with AJ on almost everything so you know what I do? I DON"T WATCH HIM. Well ok, I watch occasionally. Free speech only matters when it's speech you don't like. If everyone agrees it wouldn't need protection now, would it? Anyway, this is very bad. The doors are closing. If we let them get away with this we'll never know what the truth is. The level of propaganda is bad enough now. If this happens it really will be 1984.
While you were worried about the 2nd amendment it was all your other rights that were taken away.
Twitter and Facebook (and google?) are privately owned so they can do what they want but this is bullshit. Fight back. Please.

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I guess the gay frogs in youtube finally got him

On one hand it's the arguement regarding the nfl (owned businesses) shouldnt allow freedom of expression.
The choice of allowing that freedom taken out of the hands of the owners.
On the other hand privately owned businesses should be compelled to allow freedom of expression to anyone, without regard to said owners ideology.
Taking it out of the hands of the owners.

Sound rather.....hmmmm.....

I don't keep up with what he says or does.
I might've seen 3 or 4 of his videos.

Anyone that is okay with banning, will soon get the chance to hate it.

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