Hacking the Vote

The Russians are coming, The Russians are coming. Sure they are.
At a recent Def-Con hacking convention a replica Florida state website was hacked by an 11 year old who changed election results in under 10 minutes. All 50 students were able to get in and it took an 8 year old only 15 minutes.
The actual voting machines can be hacked in under 2 minutes without tools.
Guess what they're doing about it? Absolutely Nothing
Much of the vulnerability of all voting machine has been known for years but nothing has been or is being done. Nothing is being done and nobody is talking about it.
Not FOX not CNN not Rachel Maddow not Jake Tapper or Nancy Pulosi or Paul Ryan Not republicans or democrats. NOBODY gives a shit about the vote and they're whining about the Russians??? Give me a break.
Apparently it's not enough to legally bribe politicians (Citizens United) and suppress the vote.

If this doesn't convince you elections are held to create the illusion of freedom you are beyond the reach of conventional hope.

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Fifty? Let's get the facts straight right here.

There were 39 hatters.

34 out of those managed to hack the Florida equivalent system.

Not fifty. Not all of them, just 34/39. Not "All 50 students". Get your facts straight first, then we'll see where discussion leads us.

Trump won't do anything about it, because that's the only way he can win, and he knows it.

@Will_Janitor Voting techniques and methods are controlled by the states. Just an FYI. :)

That's true, but they are being hacked, and nothing is being done about it.

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