Are you single ?

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Yep! I like it too!

Yes divorved so long ago that yes I am single and expect to be so forever

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She's a bit scary. I have to go back, hiding under the bed, now.

Happily mated.

I had sex with a turtle last week, but that doesn't count, does it?

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Well, it did remind me of you, so... Pretty enough.

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You should, because that was sort of a rude answer. Unless you have the same four-year old sense of humor than most on this site has, including me, although I'm merely three.

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Yes. Why?

I assume so.

Yup, probably gonna be single forever

Not at present.

Single is an acronym for: Stay Intoxicated Nightly Get Laid Everyday.

Yep I like being single free to do anything I want.

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