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Rooster, we have deck like that at camp - my sister put a line of orange reflective tape on there , it helps.

My own (outside) stairs, which is weird, since I always take the wheelchair lane. I guess cell phones can really kill you. My knee still hurts badly.

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OH John you don't have a new bppuppy do you?

I tripped my circuit breaker. As I'm a living circuit so to speak, breaking myself is fun.

I remember this one time i was doing a run after school was over and I tripped while running along a curbing, and fell into the tarmac and got three out of four limbs bleeding, but i instantly got up after falling and was able to keep going until I got home.

There was this one time I tripped in the middle of a crosswalk as i hurried across and did like an acrobatic roll across to the other side into a metal fence around a parking lot, like i just wanted to quickly get out of the street, but i put so much oomph i kinda ground-somersaulted instead. A few cuts and bruises, but yeah.

Heh. Here's the video, took forever to find it. But it suits every time I put myself into a crisis situation just so I can cheat my body into giving me adrenaline for free. xp

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Dog chews littering the floor, and never in the same place twice!

Cat scratcher