Where do you keep your Nuclear Wessels?

Image for post Where do you keep your Nuclear Wessels?
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in alameda

Used to keep it at Mare Island but they made me move it to Alameda close to the old Hornet! Oh well.

@Azlotto I'd like to visit the USS Hornet some day.

I have and it's really cool to see! Also the Pampanito WW2 Sub docked on Pier 45 in San Francisco! That thing is so small!

@Azlotto "That thing is so small!" Any size submarine screams claustrophobia to me.

Yeah but the new ones are huge compared to that "pigboat"! 80 men crammed into one of those? I'll pass.

Close is where I keep them, considering I’m not too far from Alameda.

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Lol...An empty wessel closet, is a lonely closet.

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