Do I even need to say anything anymore? Reality speaks for itself. Almost everyone who works with Trump is a criminal. He arbitrarily picks people for heads of departments they don't even understand, he has shown nothing but rotten judgement in character, rotten judgement in allies, and rotten judgement in tact. HE is a spineless gutless weasel who is destroying everything our founding fathers built, pulling apart our FBI, all our institutions, he's refused to show us his tax returns after saying he would, and then acting as if everyone forgot about them, He's done FAR FAR worse than the Monica Lewinsky garbage, and yet you nuts love him. WHY??! Because he makes CEOs richer? the average worker isn't really earning more, people are still losing their homes, you have an all republican government and you can't even build a F*&ing wall! All his supporters do is quote professional liars like Alex Jones who is a snake oil salesman to the letter. Is this how America dies? It merges with a failing business and goes down with it then gets bought out by a tyrant overseas?

What will it take for you to stop seeing him as a god? It's like a drug to the altReich they can't ever say anything bad about Trump