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I wont get a grip when we have president tax evader looting this nation from the top.

@TomboyJanet I wont get a grip when we have president tax evader looting this nation from the top.

If that kind of thing upsets you, Janet, then read up on how the Kennedy family fortune was made.

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Why did you end that sentence with a question mark is really the only thing I have to say about that response lol


I don't actually care that the president is putting his dick in everything but where it should be (the pencil sharpener) I do care when a whole bunch of "Christians" go apeshit over clinton and don't make a peep about this. It's called HYPOCRISY and its slimey and festering all over this nation right now. The right wing has turned into nothing but thugs and assholes. I used to disagree with them but admire what they stood for. Now they betrayed their own principles for the Jerk who would be king. They follow him like a GOD not even admitting he could be capable of doing wrong. It's a sickness. This has become a cult of Trump and money grubbers. You value money over national security, clean air, and people getting proper healthcare. Its just cash cash cash! That's all that's important. Even your religion will bow down to your love of money.

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Is that really how long I leave for? I know i come here kinda lopsidedly.....

anyway... the point is that if you don't care that Trump does it you shouldn't care that Clinton or any president does it either. It's all just a bunch of hooey anyway to look into their private lives but recognize that if its hooey for one party its hooey for both.

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Hate to tell you, Gronk, but the generic ballot has the Dems leading by 10 points.

@dru18 Hate to tell you, Gronk, but the generic ballot has the Dems leading by 10 points.

And what did the "generic" ballot have to say about Hillary's chances in 2016, dru? hello smilie
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@Thinkerbell And what did the "generic" ballot have to say about Hillary's chances in 2016, dru?...

They didn't use a generic ballot for Hilary, Thinker.

Hilary was five points ahead of Trump, totally within the margin of error. As we all know now she was probably five points behind him.

@dru18 They didn't use a generic ballot for Hilary, Thinker. Hilary was five points ahead of Trump, totally within the...

If Hillary's supposed lead was "totally within the margin of error," then what business did the NY Times have assigning an 80% probability of her winning?


Murder? Rape? Really?

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No, I don't think so.

Now here is a helpful tip, stop getting your news from 'The National Enquirer'.

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The irony is if this was a democratic president you'd be saying he's unfit for leadership because of these things. I don't care about socialism or the economy right now. I know it sounds harsh but there are more important things on the plate. this man is selling us out to russia HOW CAN YOU NOT SEE THAT? ITS RIGHT THERE JUST FUCKING LOOK AT IT. For god sakes! He's turning you all into KGB supporters. Do you know what goes on in Russia? Where people who speak against Putin are beaten and sometimes killed? IS that what you want here? Do you think that if you speak against trump you should be arrested? if so you are a traitor. To think Conservatives used to claim to be patriots.

Also if you think I'm a socialist you're a moron because I visit Theme parks all the time and write reviews about how awesome they are in forums. That would go away with socialism. I don't want Socialism. I want something inbetween Socialism and EXTREME WILD WEST YEE HAW DUMP IN THE RIVER capitalism. Call it Economic moderates if you want. Responsible regulation to keep businesses from....I don't know......poisoning us, letting people die because they can't pay for treatement, you know that sort of scum sucking behavior.

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ughhh this is like talking to a robot my god!!! Why do I even bother with you? It's like you're a branch of infowars or some other "totally legit bro!!!1" websource can of spam. You and another trumpkin just said the EXACT same thing word for word almost Fundementally Transform America. I guess that's the catchphrase of the week. Trump is fundementally DESTROYING American checks and balances but its ok because it means your side wins more! If the big government supports your side you love big government! It's your favorite thing in the world and anyone who speaks against it is a criminal right?

What's comical, is when the left wants Christian conservatives to be outraged over a concept of morality, that the left promotes as a right.

What Trump did with porn stars is not worse than what Bill did with the women he outright abused. And of course hypocrisy is not limited to the political right wing.

When a porn star came up to Trump's specs,
The Dems let their shock overflex.
But when Bill took his pleasure,
The Dems said, full measure,
"No biggie— it's JUST about sex."

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Which is is of course exactly why progressives favor open borders: to import more future Democrat votes until they are a permanent majority, as in California.

Progressives would be screaming bloody murder FOR strict enforcement of border control if most illegals would end up voting Republican. biggrin smilie

My experience with evangelicals and what I have read of them, didn't give me much expectations of decency coming from them. So, no surprise there.

How can you say that consensual sex is worse than accusations of rape?
Pelosi claims to be Catholic but fully supports the ripping of babies from the womb. I'm not against abortion totally but I can't understand how anyone who says they are Christian could support casual abortions.

What Clinton did was force himself on woman.He is also accused of rape.

I'm Christian Janet, and I agree 100% with what you are saying. I am so disgusted with fellow Christians who have turned a blind eye against this terrible president. Everything he has done is against what we as Christians believe. His adulterous affairs, cheating on all his wives, his constant lying, his stealing money for his own benefit. And then we hear his supporters trying to change the subject....bringing up past presidents. No matter what other presidents have done it doesn't make it right.

Plus, Trump is the most racist person on this planet....just look how obsessed he is with Obama. Trying to undo everything Obama has done, only because he's black. And how idiotic was the birther movement spurred on my Trump. Ridiculous

And no liberal was in agreement with what Clinton did. Plus, he paid a heavy price for his actions....IMPEACHMENT. Hopefully that's what will happen to Trump....IMPEACHMENT.....

Evangelicals only give lip service to being Christian. I don't think I've ever seen an Evangelical with an ounce of integrity or morality in their body. Evangelicals are out for themselves only, and couldn't care less about anyone else.

Janet - I am not surprised you have not gotten an answer to your question - I don't think you will.

Not only the "legitimate" ones he paid off...let's also talk about the many women who accused him of abuse which he denies or ignores. He's a sexual predator, a misogynist, a racist, callous,cruel,petty,narcissistic. We're all suffering for it.

I was hoping trump would be good I didn't vote for any of the candidates . Plus I am not a big religious person. I guess nobody much cares what people do in private lives long before the man was elected. I will focus upon the work he is doing now.