Should Trump get a third term?

Image for post Should Trump get a third term?
22% yes 63% no 15% Other
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No. I didn't even though he should have one, but mainly it's not how it works. Two terms and you're out.

He won't finish out his first term. The "walls" are closing in on him now.

US presidents get a maximum of two terms at four years each term. so no third term :)

Should he had been elected for the first term...

Prison term maybe.

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All presidents in jail, would make everyone happy wouldn't it?

If he does a good job people will love him. If not he won't I keep praying he will be a good prez so far not many of his promises have happened.

@hootowl What???? Do you live in a cave?

nope i live in a house and listen to lots of news. I still think he needs to build the wall or something to protect the boarders

He CAN'T get a third term. Presidents have term limits of 10 years. Nobody should get a third term, including those in congress.

don't know if he will get a second yet.

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