(NON POLITICAL) The Average American can today can live like the wealthy high rollers of 100 years ago.

I know I sound like a commercial but its true. I just got thinking that with all the historic train rides and boat rides and hotels there are you can pretty much ride the first class of yesterday. Since I will most likely not see myself becoming super rich (though hey my novels could take off you don't know) It's nice that I can even have this piece of the pie. It's like I may not get a piece of the very popular pie that's new and everyone wants but hey the old one is just as good yesterday's flavors are still yummy today right? I'm just thinking out loud but I've had some really zen moments dining in a fancy dining car, watching horses and buggies pass, and riding that ct riverboat with the bar on board eating my clam chowder and looking at beautiful scenery. What I'm really saying is you don't have to be super rich to experience paradise