Have you gone to chuckie cheese lately

Read about some great times at chuckie cheese https://www.vice.com/en_us/arti...huck-e-cheeses

Image for post Have you gone to chuckie cheese  lately
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Didn't know they were still around.

Haven't gone in years!!

I love Chuckie Cheese!
I haven't been in a while but always had fun with the kids there and the pizza ain't bad! Pretty loud as I recall. But FULL of energy!

been there before, its not worth it, could go to the dollar store and get any of their goodies for 1/100 the price lol

I don't have sex with cheeses called "Chuckie"... "Charmaine" would be alright.

I've never been there, although the one closest to my home is packed all the time.

I've never been. That's not something I would've liked as a young kid anyway.

As a young kid I have.

I went once, many years ago, and only once.

That was quite enough. biggrin smilie

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