What do you do with fizzy orange juice?

I was reading about fermenting orange juice. Some said it was poison I think not. Add 3 shots to one gallon of fizzy OJ problem solved and a nice drink is ready in your fridge

Image for post What do you do with   fizzy orange juice?
50% drink it 14% fix it 29% throw away 7% Other
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Fix it with the finest of the good, clean spirits. Vodka.

Sounds awful.

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where do you get happiness? I would love to buy some. chew smilie

I shake it to remove the CO2

Unless the fizziness was because there was champagne in it....I'm pretty sure I'd go ahead and pour it out.

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Fizzy orange juice?
Sounds like orange soda to me.
If so, I would drink it.
If not, down the drain it goes.

By the time oj starts fizzing, it has acquired an off taste that I don't like.

I'd throw it out, get some fresh oj (preferably from fresh-squeezed oranges), mix it with vodka, and enjoy a proper screwdriver cocktail. biggrin smilie

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@LorraineTwevlehundredRaineTwelvehundred I don't throw out anything, i also never get sick.

I've gotten sick from restaurant food a couple of times, and from food I ate at a party once. ill smilie

That's why I'm careful about possibly spoiled food at home.

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