Can Anyone Explain how Trump is Helping the Working Class?

It never ceases to amaze me when I hear Trumpsters claim Trump is fighting for the working class. You know, the people who actually produce the goods and services.
His latest boost for working people is to deny a meager 2.1% raise for 2 million federal employees scheduled to occur next year claiming the agencies can't afford it. Meanwhile he's considering an executive order (bypassing congress)to give another 100 billion dollar gift to the 1% by tying capital gains tax to inflation. THAT we can afford. Just like we can afford to drop 120 bombs a day in the Middle East, a 717 billion dollar increase in already bloated military spending (a.k.a. corporate welfare), a military parade (what every American wants), major tax cuts for the rich and corporations (while giving bread crumbs to the middle class) and weekly 3 million dollar golf trips (much of which goes into Trump's pockets) but we can't afford tuition free college. Why isn't anyone asking how this new gift to the rich will be paid for like they ask about single payer health care (which actually saves 2 trillion)? It seems the only things we can't afford are things that would help working Americans. He brags about how the market is booming which doesn't do shit for average Americans but expands the wealth gap to even more ridiculous levels and how great the economy is doing with 4% growth leaving out that the growth has been largely due to massive increases in middle class debt and not growth in production. He touts unemployment figures but doesn't mention that even though most people are working more than half the country is in or near poverty. His insane tariffs are another joke which are paid by increases in consumer costs and not paid by importers. We also seem to be able to afford another 12 billion in subsidies to corporate farms hurt (reduced profit) by those same tariffs. Trump's solution to a problem he created. So I'd like Trumpsters to explain how Trump is helping the working class.