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Walking over a ladder.

@ZonkeyBalls Walking over a ladder.

Getting your head stuck between one of the ladder runs would be unlucky too. 乂^◡^乂

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Was she walking a dead black cat, crossing the road?

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Yeah, I had a seven month relationship with this woman I met online, but she somehow decided that I was drinking too much. How on Earth could that happen? (This booze is quite all right, by the way... Oh.)


rooster why is that bad? I have met a lot of people on line, no big love but good friends .

when things are going good

Being in a hurry while driving ... it makes you hit EVERY red light and construction zone.

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... and the only red lights are so you pull up right behind the idiot who passed you going too fast - just in time for the light to turn green. LOL

Black cats!

not superstitious at all, 13 and 666 have been my address at times, black cats walk in front og me, i have walked under ladders stillm I am having an ok life, I just do think and be careful when doing any of those things

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JD I sure hope that isn't your normal dayono smilie

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i dont not