their is 100% bias against conservatives, things liberals say about jews, christians, conservatives, conservative politicians, whites, straight people, straight white men. etc etc can result in jail time or being banned from social media if conservatives said the same of liberals, their liberal government, muslims, or LGTB etc etc

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@Flrdsgns yawn

first they came after their freedom, i remained silent, the they came after my freedom, when I called out for help defending my freedom no one came because I did not stand up for theirs

@Flrdsgns yawn

Your selective support of liberty isn't surprising.

Disgusting, but not surprising.

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more so then liberals who literally call anyone who disagrees with ISIS (who wish all jews murdered) racist.

in Canada about a year and a half ago a muslim IMAM said that all jews must be killed, and what does police do? nothing, nothing for 6 month's only after outrage from conservatives (not liberals, go figure), police finally arrest the IMAM, and what does liberal media do? defend the IMAM, DISGUSTING!

you are on the wrong political side for jews, liberals do not care for jews

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haha, yes there are liberals who say just that. Canada's prime minister being one of those moron liberals who says that

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listen to the question carefully, they guy never asked about actual refugees, but about ISIS and trudeau gives this kind of BS answer
he literally compared ISIS returning to Canada to real refugees. he is so stupid, accepting ISIS back into canada is the equvalence to welcoming Hitler and his goons into a country, and then comparing the "plight" of nazi;s to real refugees like jews

mind you Canada did in fact deny jewish refugees from entering Canada, in WWII and guess which government denied them access? LIBERALS! imagine that

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yeah well you will never see a conservative defend ISIS like liberals do. and we all know what ISIS thinks of jews, hint its not much different then Hitler

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what symbol???? i haven;t the slightest clue what you are talking about.

the symbols before and in front of the word censored? open the link, its symbols to make the emoji putting a finger in front of its mouth to imply being silenced

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forgive my ignorance, but what does triple parenthesis mean? PJW doesn't make the slightest remarks against jews, so personally i think that's a moot point.

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did not know that.

but i care more about your life over someones emotions, triple parenthesis might by a jerk move,but it isn;t taking your life. allowing these muslims into our countries and giving them power (when they clearly say they want to kill jews) is IMHO more harmful to jews.

that being said, I don;t think PJW hates jews, he certainly wasn;t making any slight against them, and I certainly will never use triple parenthesis, i never did, and now that I know what it is never will

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