The answer is 'ridiculously large'.Whats the question?

Image for post The answer is 'ridiculously large'.Whats the question?
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I cut a huge fart at Walmart and it enraged a guy.

He said: You farted in front of my wife!
I said: I didn't know it was her turn.

What does the guy driving a huge truck with a beefed up exhaust, shiny rims, never used bed, want you to believe his junk size is?

Kim Kardashian's butt is?

How big is the Universe?

What kind of chocolate cake do you prefer?

How big is my ego?

Wow, this plate of food is..... ridiculously large.

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The previous administration's ego?

Rosie O'Donnels head

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"What's the size of this cactus?"
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