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Yes, it does. That person has been deactivated though as far as I'm aware, so, meh.

Actually it kind of does. I can think of a couple like that!

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You really seem to be obsessed with her. Why not just ignore each other and move on?

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Who is Dennis Manning? Didn't Tiffanee leave this site a few months ago?

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OH, I have a hard time keeping track of people changing their names. Not sure why anyone does that in the first place. I guess people have their reasons.

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Yeah, I've been using this name on here, SH and even the old yahoo Buzz, if you remember that one.

I do used a different name on Choozler, but only have 1 account on any site.

I bet 'asteroids below' wished she looked that good.

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Yes, I hope the wicked witch of the skies can't read French! I don't want you getting suspended like I did.

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