I have often heard/read that the ideal of American jurisprudence is that it is better that 100 guilty people go free than have a single innocent person be convicted, yet the overwhelming evidence is that the contrary is true, add to that many Americans are comfortable supporting death sentences when we all know innocent people are sometimes executed. How do those facts exist in the shining beacon of liberty and justice we proclaim ourselves to be.

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"Thank Paul Revere for the Bill of Rights
he wouldn't sign the Declaration without the Bill of Rights"

The BoR had nothing to do with the Declaration of Independence.
They didn't even have anything to do with the original Articles of Confederation (before the Constitution). Nor was Paul Revere even a delegate to the Constitutional Convention - where some states refused to ratify without a promise of the BoR.

I think for the death penalty the level of doubt has to be removed. To me it would no longer be "beyond a reasonable doubt". It would have to be "no doubt about it".

Our catch and release justice system has let so many guilty people free, we're paid forward for dozens maybe hundreds of executions!

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