Trump says the 3,000 lives lost in Puerto Rico don't count because they died after the storm.. Trump is disgraceful, just when we thought he couldn't be more incompetent, he then disrespects the dead. This shows just how low this president is stooping. No integrity, no sympathy for anyone. Please give your thoughts.

...all he had to do was extend his sympathies to the families that lost loved ones and his administration would do better. But no, he has to start another fight with the Puerto Ricans. I hope those that have moved to Florida, will turn out to vote in the mid-terms....then watch Trump whine and cry.

President Donald Trump Rejects Puerto Rico Death Toll From Hurricane Maria | TODAYPresident Trump took to Twitter on Thursday to falsely accuse Democrats of inflating the death toll in Puerto Rico from Hurricane Maria to hurt him political...
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He dosen't understand or acknowledge PR as american territory

@LorraineTwevlehundredRaineTwelvehundred He dosen't understand or acknowledge PR as american territory

That proves how really stupid this president is, also they can't vote...but they can vote in Florida, for those who have left the island. And I hope they do vote and get this maniac out of office.

We knew he was a narcissist before we elected him. The "people" have spoken, they want an arse-hole for their president and they got one.

Every thing Donald Trump  says is just an ejaculation  of what ever he happens to be thinking at the time. What an embarrassing time we live in to have such a clueless moron as president. Never have I seen such unfounded confidence  

My thoughts?
The storms that devastated puerto rico were about trump. This storm is about trump. "Only 16 dead" that alone is insulting and horrible. The "only" part. It is horrifying to think that three thousand really did die. But to him...just democrats trying to make him look bad.
The country revolves around trump.
We the people revolve around trump.
Any problem this country faces, or has, or will, can be solved by trump.
He is the best there ever was or will be. Nothing he has ever done or will do is wrong. Laws dont apply to him...because he is trump.
We all need to look to him to lead us through trying times. Because he is such a beacon of light and encouragement.

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