"Thou dost protest too much." lol When someone is protesting too much that usually is the first sign of guilt. If they didn't care, they wouldn't say anything. Care to comment?

I see a lot of people protesting on social media sites, example...."I don't care", "makes no difference to me", "I didn't do that", "I'm innocent". "not me". "I didn't say that", "He/she is lying, I didn't do that." "He's the cause of it all, not me...etc. Playing the victim, maybe. Have you noticed that too?

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Unhinged comes to mind....the more they protest, the more people wonder about their mental stage.

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When people complain or make a big deal about something while claiming they "don't care"...I seriously doubt their sincerity.

lol It never ends, the guilty ones are still protesting. I hit another nerve. lol

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You're exactly right.

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hahahah, good manners seems to be lacking on this site. lol

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I know, right?!

Maybe that's why democrats got so windy during those nomination hearings!

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