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Many may be leaving, but the population is still growing, so apparently people are still moving here.

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Hispanics now come close to outnumbering whites, but not all those Hispanics are illegals. We have all our medical care done at Cedars in Los Angeles. There seems to be a lot more Jewish, Persian, and Hispanic doctors than there are WASPS, I can assure you, the Hispanics aren't here illegally, nor are they on welfare.
Yes there are a lot of poor in this state, and that is a problem, but there is still a lot of opportunity here also.
Due to our weather, the homless seem to gravitate here. One can be homeless at the beach, or homeless in the desert in 120 degree heat, I guess I can't blame them for choosing the beach.

I also heard the top 3 ag producing counties in the country are all in California, Kern at 22.5 Billion, Tulare at 22.3 Billion and Fresno at 22.25 Billion. Unemployment in Ca is somewhere in the 5% range, so not bad.

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I agree, I live here and Brown has some really screwy laws. The latest, which is a real head shaker is all public schools as well as charter schools have to teach LGBT acceptance as early as kindergarten. I just think this is one idiotic law. 5 and 6 year olds aren't interested in sex, and have no basis of knowledge to make a decision about what gender they think they may be.
This state needs to run some moderate republicans for the state assembly. The Republican party keeps nominating hard line conservatives, and they will never win, but a moderate republican has an excellent chance of winning. I would like to see the assembly a bit more balanced myself. Too many liberals, and they tend to go wild and pass some really inane laws.
Just my opinion though, you don't have to agree.


I'm quite baffled here, to say, at least.

I was born and raised here. I get frustrated with the taxes and the way the state is run, but I still love it here. The ocean, deserts, mountains and forests are all within driving distance ... and when the mood strikes, easy access to lots of amusement parks, plays, and concerts. It's home! a smilie

CA seems to have a government that protects incoming people while foisting their care on the citizens. When the DACA kids get up and boasts about how they graduated from college and are contributing to society, I always have to wonder who paid for their meals, health care and education? Who paid for their parents while these kids were growing up. Just wondering when watching
what is going on.