Who else if sick of telemarketer and scam calls?

It seems like there is legislation for almost everything today. Why can't they do anything about all the calls we get on our cell phones from spoofed numbers, for everything from trying to sell us junk we don't want, to threats by people claiming to be with the IRS, demanding we send them money? How many people have been scammed out of money by these low life's?

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Yes! It's like having a stranger suddenly barge into your home to pressure you to buy, donate, vote their way, or whatever! I'm so grateful for caller i.d. .... if I don't recognize the name or number, I no longer answer the phone. On the rare occasion when one gets through, I simply hang up. crs smilie

@Sofia I used to do that - ignore it. They just keep going. All the time.

I would call you and sell my body for one cent. Then again, knowing you... Too much... Damn it.

@JanHaskell Sorry ... if he doesn't want to identify himself, I guess we're through!

Well, since they killed Bill Murray in that Twinkie movie with zombies around, I guess he would be a ghost.

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I do have a previously owned coffin with ny body inside... In case you... Wait? Oh, sorry... I'll go and ask somebody else...

I got four calls the other day, from my own landline number...on my landline. I both know someone and have read about people who have been scammed out of money by these sneaky and very determined low-lifes.

I answer them every now and then, just for kicks. Threatening to "report" those who call persistently sometimes works. This is an article I found interesting..from January of this year:

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That's why I never use my phone to do anything, it's too dangerous!

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I wish someone who had time, would create a site of all these scammers businesses with phone numbers that we could call when we were bored. It would also be nice to see a list of business who use this practice, like refinance companies, credit card companies, etc etc. So many times, when you try to call the scammer number back, it's not a real number. I'm getting about 15 a day now.

@JustJimColo I wish someone who had time, would create a site of all these scammers businesses with phone numbers that we could...

I have an app called Mr. Number.
People that have the app and report numbers and they're shared with other users and you can block numbers.
Only downside - the phone still rings once, maybe twice before Mr. Number recognizes the number.

It gets on my nerves. My phone company kept calling me when I was back in Portugal. I would ignore it, and they would call two, three times a day until I picked up. For around a month they would leave me be, then it would start all over again.

Now I just pick up the call and tell them straight on, I'm happy with what I have, and I don't want to change anything, but I remember once a lady still kept going. It wasn't my nicest moment, but then when I say "Yes, I know of the new cards, but I would like to keep my phone as it is, thank you", I think it's pretty clear you will not get anything there, no matter how much you try.

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ONLY 11:30 AM I already got 4 of them.

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They make me crazy! I have caller id and ignore most of them. They come in using the same area code and prefix as my number, which is a cell. Ive tried calling back immediately and the line will be disconnected.
Now im getting spam texts, too.
Maddening. I think they are here to stay. Just like the ads everywhere else. Pounding us incessantly.

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I ignore them.

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Yes, it's pretty annoying. Yesterday I got two, one telemarketer and one probable scam.

Like others have said on here, I use Mr Number for my mobile phone. It works very well for me.

Usually I don't answer number I don't recognize but every once in a while I'd let the 4 y/o answer the phone. He would get really upset when he'd say Hell-woah and the caller would hang up. He would almost be crying and telling me
"they don't want to talk to me." We don't get many telemarketers anymore.

If I could send 50,000 volts to them as my reply...they would be in trouble.

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What would Hitler have done? There's your answer.

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